House Rules

Starting Class Changes:


Remove Illiteracy. Barbarians can now read…
Starting at second level, barbarians gain resistance (element of choice) during rages. Once the rage ends, the barbarian takes damage normally. Once the element has been selected, it cannot be changed until 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, or 20th.

Barbarians may select resistance to:

• Fire
• Acid
• Cold
• Electricity
• Holy
• Unholy
• Falling


Bards gain an additional 2 skill points each level to spend on any one knowledge skill. The two points must be spent on one Knowledge skill, but the character does not have to select the same skill each level.

At second level, Bards gain versatile performance. Versatile Performance allows the character to substitute his or her bonus in one type of the Perform skill for two other perform types.

At fifth level, Bards may take a 10 on any knowledge skill.

At 10th level, Bards may take all skills as class skills.


Fighters gain Bravery at 2nd level. Bravery adds half the fighter’s level (round down) to Will saves against fear.

At 3rd level, fighters receive Armor training. This reduces a fighter’s armor check penalty and increases his maximum Dexterity while wearing any armor by 1. At every 4 levels beyond 3rd, these bonuses increase by 1. This ability also allows a fighter to move at full speed while wearing Medium armor. At 7th level, he can move at full speed while wearing heavy armor.

At 5th level, fighters receive weapon training. With this ability, the character may select one weapon and receive a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with that weapon. At every 4 levels beyond 5th, you can select another weapon, and the bonuses for all of your previous groups increases by +1.


Lay on hands can now be used a number of times per day equal to 1/2 the paladin’s level plus her Charisma modifier. The paladin can use this ability to heal herself as a swift action and others as a standard action. She heals 1d6 points of damage per paladin level. At 3rd level, and every three levels thereafter, the paladin gains one mercy. These are effects, such as shaken or fatigued, that are also healed whenever the paladin uses her lay on hands ability. Determine the number of mercies possessed by your paladin and select them from the appropriate lists.

At 5th level, a paladin receives the divine bond class feature. This can take one of two forms: a mount or a celestial bonded weapon. The mount functions in a manner similar to a druid’s animal companion. The bonded weapon can be called upon for a limited amount of time per day, adding various enhancements to the paladin’s chosen weapon.


Note that the rogue sneak attack ability now functions against most constructs, plants, and undead. It does not function against oozes, elementals, and incorporeal undead.


Add Eschew Materials to your character as a bonus feat.

Familiar rules have changed:


Familiar rules have changed:

House Rules

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